Duo Gamer Controller for the iPad Review

When an accessory makes you forget that you’re playing a game on a tablet rather than on a full fledged PC or laptop, you have to admire the amazing interplay between the game and the accessory. The Duo Gamer controller is that accessory. Playing a FPS shooter on the IPAD never felt so natural. The presence and familiarity of physical buttons plays a part, however the comfort of the controller is a welcomed surprise.
Traveling with the device and stand would definitely require more luggage space, however, if you are an IPad Gamer, then this is a must have accessory for you. Duo Gamer works with Gameloft’s top rated shooter, adventure, and racing games including N.O.V.A 3, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, Asphalt 7: Heat, Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front, Order & Chaos Online, and more. Available: Amazon.com, Apple Stores, Best Buy, Target for $79.99