Diamond Radeon HD7790 Review with Bioshock Infinite

HD7790-1 Last year we saw the release of the HD 7770 by AMD and we put the Diamond HD 7770 card through its paces PCIand it excelled very well. Today we take a look at the new 7790 card from Diamond which is based on the award-winning GCN Architecture, AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series GPUs are built to destroy with the industry’s very first 28nm GPU design. Packed with incredible features, such as PCI Express 3.0, the ultra-efficient AMD ZeroCore Power technology with AMD Eyefinity technology, Express 3.0 is here. The beauty about this card is its price point which is currently $149.00 on newegg. Performance wise as you will see  in the video review below. The card handles excellent, play BioShock Infinite on Very high with out any lag or slow down. which is great for a gamer on a budget to get such solid performance. The card runs very cool and is easy to install, a word of not, use the drivers that come with the card on the CD for better performance. I full recommend this card as a definite buy!!!


Interface : PCI Express 3.0 x16
Clock : 1075 MHz
MEM Clock : 1550 MHz
MEM Size : 1024MB
MEM Config : 64Mx32
MEM Type : GDDR5
OPGL : OpenGL 4.2
PORTS : 1 x Dual Link DVI, 1 HDMI x 1 Single Link DVI, 1 x Standard Display Port