Diamond Radeon HD7770 Review & BF3 Gameplay

IMAG1020 The Diamond Radeon HD7770 is the successor to AMD’s popular mid-range line of cards. The HD 7770 from Diamond is what the company calls a Double Black Diamond card, which means it’s an overclocked card and should perform better than most other cards within this class range. The card is clocked at Clock : 1000 MHz, with the MEM Clock : 1125 MHz, you have also got 1GB of DDR5 memory. The card is a PCI Express 3.0, with One HDMI, DVI  and two display ports for full eyefinity support.

What we love about this card is that even though it’s a mid-range card its hands direct X11 games well especially at max settings. In the video review, We tested the card with Battlefield 3; on Ultra settings, we were able to play the game with slight slow down. At high settings, which is the next level down, the game ran very smooth without any hick ups. Overall I was fully impressed with the Cards performance and I would recommend it to any gamer on a budget,  who is looking for great graphics at a cost. You can get it for as low at $134.99 at newegg currently  and I suggest you go pick it up, it’s an awesome C


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