Chris Nolan of Batman fame set to Bring Superman back to the Big Screen

Superman crest

Deadline Hollywood is report that Christopher Nolan will be brought in by WB to handle the next superman movie reboot.

Movie news juggernaut Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Warner Bros is placing Dark Knight and Batman Begins director Christopher Nolan in a “godfather role” for the Superman franchise. After several years of indecision regarding a sequel related to Brian Singer’s Superman Returns film, it appears WB is turning to the man that breathed new life into the Batman franchise. Check out our full story on the situation for more. Warner Bros has yet to officially comment on the report.

Here is hope Tom Welling finally becomes Superman. But I am seriously excited about this news though unconfirmed.


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  1. Superman was nice movie but i want to tell something about the Dark Knight is the Hugely entertaining, superbly acted and stunningly designed blockbuster that mixes adult themes with spectacular action and actually leaves you wanting more, despite its lengthy running time.

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