Chefling is the Ultimate Solution for the Smart Kitchen for Prime Day

With Amazon Prime Day quickly approaching on Monday, July 16 – and Amazon’s voice-assistant devices starting at less than $40 – your readers are likely asking themselves: What could I possibly need this device for?

 The answer is Chefling – the ultimate solution for the smart kitchen. The FREE Chefling app seamlessly integrates with Amazon’s voice-assistant devices and has become one of the most popular Alexa skills.

Chefling combines inventory organization, shopping list management, and intuitive recipe suggestion into a single platform. The app not only streamlines activities in the kitchen but is also redefining the way people meal plan, grocery shop and ultimately decide what’s for dinner.

Using voice assistance technology, Chefling seamlessly integrates with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices and provides users with a completely hands-free experience in the kitchen by using some of the following commands:

  • Alexa, add ice cream to my shopping list
  • Alexa, what’s for breakfast/lunch/dinner?
  • Alexa, what’s expiring in my pantry?
  • Alexa, find a chicken salad recipe (or whatever recipe you’re looking for)

Chefling is the only app that incorporates the following features into one engaging and easy-to-use-app:

  • Inventory Organization – easily add items to your pantry, monitor freshness and receive notifications when items are about to expire
  • Intuitive Recipe Suggestion – select recipes based on what is already in your pantry
  • Shopping List Management – click to add items to your shopping list; once purchased, swipe on the item or scan your receipt to add items to your pantry
  • Voice Assistant Integration – use voice assistant devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home to add items to your shopping list or listen to step-by-step cooking instructions for a complete and easy hands-free experience