Charlie Sheen fired from Two and half Men…… Law suit Like


Two and a Half Men


As the very public meltdown of Sheen continues to unfold, the powers that be behind TV’s top-rated sitcom have decided that the actor has done irreparable harm to the show. As a result, CBS, Warner Bros. TV and executive producer Chuck Lorre announced Monday that they were pulling the plug on the actor for good.

The decision gives the network and studio more time to plot out a future without Sheen — if there is a future at all. Firing Sheen rather than canceling Two and a Half Men opens up the possibility of a new star. CBS and Warner Bros. earlier shot down rumors that John Stamos was a candidate, but all options would appear to be on the table. The network and studio already have a deal in place for the 2011-2012 TV season.

The news comes after another busy weekend for Sheen, who launched a live webcast on Saturday night (attracting more than 333,000 unique viewers, according to Ustream).

The webcast, dubbed Sheen’s Korner, was a dud with critics and even Sheen himself, who apologized for it on another, shorter webcast Sunday. Sheen has dubbed his web series “a violent torpedo of truth.” He is also in discussions with Mark Cuban to star in a reality show for Cuban’s HDnet cable channel.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. hired power attorneys Ron Olson and John Spiegel late last week to oversee the studio’s crumbling relationship with the star and to represent them as Sheen, who’s got another power attorney in his corner (Marty Singer), threatens to sue.

Now that he’s been terminated, a Sheen suit is very likely. But despite talk of a suit, Sheen has yet to file anything — which may be a sign that the actor was still looking for a more amicable solution to the crisis


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