Buffalo LinkStation 420 Review: Network Storage

Bufffalo LinkStation 420-1 The Buffalo LinkStation 420 has got to be one of the easiest NAS setups I have ever used. Retailing at $279 for the 2TB variant. What you have is a network storage solution that is pretty much a plug and play setup for Windows 8 user. Simply connect it to your router and your PC will recognize the new drive in network settings. For mac users, installing the software helps with the set up process. 

Buffalo’s LinkStation 420 offers high performance, feature rich network storage and backup for all PC and Mac computers on your home network at speeds up to 100 MB/s. One aspect I found lacking was the app support for the LinkStation 420 for remote access, which was hardly usable, though a new app is expected out soon. 

Overall the LinkStation 420 works excellent as a storage solution, that can possbile help you setup your own personal cloud


  • 2-Drive
  • High Performance – 3X Faster than a Standard NAS Device*
  • DLNA Certified™, iTunes® and PS3™ Media Server Functionality
  • Intuitive User Interface and Easy-to-Use Setup Wizard
  • USB Port for Backup or Printer Sharing
  • LinkStation NAS System