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Make it yours: following this motto, beyerdynamic is transforming the sound of its headphones into a completely customized experience. Because individual sound preferences are not only about taste; on the contrary: audiology research confirms that the way people hear is as varied as people themselves. In order to create a “tailor-made suit for the ears”, beyerdynamic is working together with Mimi Hearing Technologies. Mimi’s sound customization technology allows for the creation of a personal listening profile tailored to a set of beyerdynamic headphones. This profile is based on the soundcheck in the “Make it yours” (MIY) app and then uploaded directly to the headphones. Your favorite music never sounded so perfect: a new era for completely customized listening. This groundbreaking sound customization will celebrate its debut in the new, high-end Aventho wireless headphones live at IFA 2017.

Challenge the status quo: how will we listen in the world of tomorrow?
Driven by innovation: over 90 years ago, Eugen Beyer dedicated himself to constantly challenging the status quo. His audio products were to be better than any others on the market. Today, this vision is still the driving force behind every beyerdynamic innovation. And they have earned the company an excellent global reputation: as an innovator, as an uncompromising manufacturer of quality, and as a reliable partner. With Tesla technology, beyerdynamic has reached a milestone in the design of headphone sound transducers and, as such, created a revolutionary listening experience. In 2017, it is time for the next step – and a uniquely customized listening experience.

Individual listening profiles allow for a completely customized music experience
Until now, sound has always been statically balanced. However, we all hear sounds differently, and our hearing changes over the course of our lives. Mimi’s in-headphone sound customization turns music and sounds into a completely personal experience – with individual calibration that is especially determined for your hearing.

Cooperation with Mimi Hearing Technologies allows for well-founded hearing tests
Berlin-based company Mimi is one of the world’s most in-demand sound customization specialists. More than a million people have already used Mimi technology to test their hearing or adjust sound to suit their hearing. This technology is certified as a medical product (CE). The core of the technology, developed by a team of audiologists, psychoacoustic experts, engineers and designers, is the simulation of the way sound is processed in the human ear (in particular the cochlea). As part of this, some information is emphasized to support the brain in processing and distinguishing between different sound elements. Instead of making frequency-selective volume adjustments like a simple equalizer, Mimi’s sound customization replicates the natural processes in human hearing that change over time and therefore provides clear, full and high-contrast sound.

Your hearing is charted in just 6 minutes
The basis for headphone customization is the “soundcheck”, which is carried out using the beyerdynamic MIY app. The hearing is examined using a sophisticated test: a complete listening profile is created within approx. six minutes. All that is required for the test is quiet surroundings, a smartphone, and a set of Aventho wireless headphones. The result is a listening profile that fits you like a perfectly tailored suit and allows for unique sound calibration. Once the listening profile is complete, it is saved in a chip in the headphones. It is thus available for every sound source – even without the app. The intensity of the sound adjustment can be set using the beyerdynamic MIY app.

beyerdynamic Aventho wireless with innovative touch control and app
The first set of beyerdynamic headphones to integrate the groundbreaking Mimi technology is the closed on-ear Aventho wireless. This new high-end model also offers innovative operation: the right side serves as a touch gesture control pad. All functions can be activated using simple touches and gestures: next track, louder, take a call, hang up, lower volume, pause… it’s never been so easy to control your headphones, smartphone and music player app. As such, your smartphone can stay in your pocket. The sensitivity of the touch controls can be customized to suit your individual preferences using the MIY app. Further customization options will be made available via updates.

Excellent aptX™ HD Bluetooth transmission for uncompromising sound 
The name Aventho wireless already says it all: the future of audio transmission will be free from wires. beyerdynamic uses Bluetooth 4.2 protocol with the aptX™ HD codec from Qualcomm® to guarantee the best possible sound, even without wires. Thanks to its excellent resolution and high dynamic range, aptX™ HD provides unique audiophile transmission and is the first choice for Android devices. beyerdynamic also supports the AAC codec for iOS Apple products.

beyerdynamic Tesla technology for unrivalled sound quality 
With its Tesla technology, beyerdynamic has achieved unsurpassed sound quality in the headphone sector. Tesla sound transducers are characterized by a strong magnetic driver and an extremely high-resolution playback without any tonal coloring. In the new Aventho wireless, the Tesla sound transducers are used to guarantee an extraordinary acoustic performance. They enable unique richness of detail despite their compact size – and are therefore the perfect canvas for Mimi sound customization. The perfect match.

Integrated hands-free function and powerful rechargeable battery
When musical enjoyment knows no bounds, it’s important to have the power to back it up: that’s why the Aventho wireless has a powerful internal rechargeable battery that offers up to 20 hours of playing time. The headphones are also fitted with a microphone and can be used as a headset. When used together with a smartphone, there’s no need to remove the Aventho wireless when receiving a call: all it takes is one double-tap gesture to get the caller on the line. The headset function is also ideal for video conferences on notebooks or tablets.

Elegant design and maximum wearing comfort meet high-quality workmanship
With the Aventho wireless, beyerdynamic has created a new mobile masterpiece “Made in Germany”. Valuable materials and high-quality workmanship guarantee years of enjoyment. An attractive and functional design ensures that the latest model makes both an acoustic and visual statement for music lovers. Pivoting, closed earcups provide excellent insulation against ambient noise. This, combined with the comfortable cushioning, makes the Aventho wireless the perfect companion for long journeys.

Healthy listening thanks to app-based “Sound Watching”
In addition to customized sound, beyerdynamic is also contributing towards healthy, fatigue-free listening: the tracking functionality is an innovative “Sound Watching” app service that provides an overview of your listening habits on request and shows whether your ears need a rest – because sometimes your favorite music can make you lose track of time. The “Sound Watching” function analyses playback volume and listening duration. It uses these two parameters to determine potential strain on the hearing. But that doesn’t mean the tracking service has the last say: you as the music lover always remain in control.

Experience Aventho wireless live at IFA 2017
The Aventho wireless will make its debut at IFA 2017 (1 to 6 September) under the motto “Make it yours”. At booth 206 in hall 1.2 at the Berlin exhibition grounds, you can experience how the sound customization thanks to Mimi creates completely individual and optimum sound.

beyerdynamic Aventho wireless: color variations, availability and price
The beyerdynamic Aventho wireless will be available in stores from October 2017 at a recommended retail price of EUR 449.00 (including VAT). The model will be available in black and in brown and is made in Germany. It also comes with a sturdy fabric bag.

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Technical data

Transducer type Dynamic, Tesla
Operating principle Closed
Frequency response 10 – 40,000 Hz (cabled use)
Nominal impedance 32 ohms
Transmission Bluetooth
Codecs aptXTM HD, aptXTM, AAC, SBC
Transmission rate 48 kHz / 24 Bit
Remote control & microphone Touchpad integrated in right ear cup; also includes a hands-free microphone
Sound coupling to the ear On-ear
Playing time More than 20 h
Weight (without cable) 240 g
Supplied accessories 1.2 m detachable 3.5 mm jack plug connecting cable
charging cable USB-A to USB-C
soft case
quick start guide
Recommended retail price 449 Euro

Qualcomm® is a trademark of Qualcomm Incorporated, registered in the United States and other countries. aptX™ is a trademark of Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd., registered in the United States and other countries.
Qualcomm® aptX™ is a product of Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd.


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