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Best Supporting

Did you know Saturdays have a 9am too?

I am now aware.

Ok, in the midst of catching up on my Football Free Agency ESPN Sportcenter updates (BTW – A certain prognosticator who called Ben Roethlisberger Despicable for a certain reason – well, Gina, your right) i am considering my picks for best supporting actor and actress.

Best supporting? Shouldn’t the best person in the movie be the star? Yes – generally. But If Mark Wahlberg is the best part of a film, I will never watch it. But it goes deeper then that – the best supporting help make the lead(s) look better by comparison. It is my feeling and belief that this is the film definition of chiaroscuro, giving the lead in the film additional depth and elements. To help those who didn’t take Comm 110 as a freshman at Fitchburg state – another shameless plug for my Alma Mater – chiaroscuro is contrast between light and dark, usually bold contrasts affecting a whole composition, typicized as depth through shading.

Man – that last line was pretty cool. And very applicable to the Best Supporting picks.

Since I have literally 10 to get through here, I am going to group together the ones I don’t think will win, and only focus on the top 5 total. Why? Because I am writing this, and your not – so I can do as I please.

Why shouldn’t Matt Damon win? Other then François Pienaar is 6″ taller, 60 pounds of muscle heavier and dominating in a sport that most Americans do not comprehend… well, thats reason enough there. What About Penelope Cruz? in A musical film full of an all-star casting – she did not get enough screentime to warrant a win. Both Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick in “Up in The Air” did nothing to really wow me. And Woody Harrelson showed as much dramatic range as any other character he has done, but wasn’t quite enough to move you emotionally.

So who is left?

Col. Landa – Christoph Waltz’s Character in “Inglourious Basterds”. I was in awe of him, his transitions character wise from Italian to French to German to English, all while having a strict, strong confidence, depth of character within a proper gentlemanly context of a Nazi Officer. Even after I learned he was from Vienna (making his German Accent authentic) and studied acting in New York (making him 100% fluent in English) I was still impressed.

The same can be said for my impression of the chameleon that is Stanley Tucci. Just go back and read his resume. Go. Now. Ok – how many times did you see a movie, Like Deconstructing Harry, or America’s Sweethearts and go – Wait? He was in that?! Oh Yea.. I didn’t recognize him! Thats part of the chameleon aspect of him – instead of blending into the background, he blends into the person on the page, and creates something so believable in the shadows that you feel it IS him. Don’t believe me? Go watch Julie & Julia again – and see if you can pick him out.

The comedienne that is Mo’Nique ranks head and shoulders above the rest of this group, in a weak year for female supporting nominations. In fact – I would have to go back to the 70th academy awards in 1998 to find a Supporting actress class that is as weak as I feel this one is (Judi Dench won for Shakespeare in Love – Totally deserving) and Mo’Nique for “Precious” takes the cake on this. Her haunting, troubled mother on welfare ranks the highest praise from me out of this group.

So – Who Wins?

MY PICK: Stanley Tucci

MY PICK: Mo’Nique

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