Battle Vid: Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Nokia Lumia 920

SG4 vs. Lumia 920-1  The Galaxy S4 is the new heavy weight smartphone on the market with a slew of new features, from its camera to gesture controls. In today’s Battle Vid, we pit Samsung Juggernaut against Nokia’s Pride and joy to see who will win in our Battle vid!!!!

 Samsung Galaxy S4
The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been in the mouths of everyone for the better part of six months, with speculation running rampant as to what Samsung might add and showcase to its follow-up of the highly successful Galaxy S3. The Galaxy S4 is packed with more features I can remember in a smartphone; both software and hardware. On the hardware side the Galaxy S4 features  a 5-inch 1080p (1,920 x 1,080) Super AMOLED panel which offers a pixel density of 441ppi. the display also offer the same high screen sensitivity seen on the Nokia Lumia 920, meaning you have the ability to use your gloves at the same time. In terms of processing power, that varies from geographical location, here in the USA the SG4 is powered by a 1.9 Quad-core snapdragon processor with 2GB of ram; offering a very smooth a sleek use experience with zero to no lag or slow down. The device also house a 13 megapixel camera; a first for Samsung, here Samsung really pushes the envelope not only with the megapixel size of the camera but with the sheer amount of options and camera modes it provides.

Nokia Lumia 920
The Nokia Lumia 920 is here and spec wise it matches up with the competition with is curved 4.5-inch PureMotion HD+ display, dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 CPU, 2,000mAh battery, NFC, integrated wireless charging and an 8-megapixel rear PureView camera capable of 1080p video. Granted we didn’t get to see much of Windows 8. Nokia has done something special with its Lumia 920. You have still got the poly-carbonate build but on a 4.5-inch frame display. The screen on its own is very unique, been the first to allow touch input from either finger, skin, Nails or even wearing gloves.


Samsung Galaxy S4!!! It has got more all around features, like gesture controls, and camera modes, Plus a slimmer design and a quad-core processor helps.