AudioFly Headphones @CES 2012


At CES 2012 we got a chance to listen to some music from a new but solid audio headphone company called AudioFly, they are based out of Australia and we got to check out their products with a tour by CEO/Cofounder Dave Thompson. From the Low end AF33 to the high-end AF78. Audiofly has something for everyone and trust me the sound very,very good. A bit about the company below
Behind the Audiofly brand is a team of hardworking musicians and audio designers, creating in-ear headphones for the passionate music lover. We started from scratch and questioned every driver, every magnet, every wire and every casing used; our goal: to create in-ear headphones that reproduce sound so accurately, they can be used when performing onstage.
There are four Audiofly ranges, so you can enjoy the truest sound possible within your budget. The 33, 45 and 56 series all feature expertly tuned dynamic drivers in the earbuds.