Audiofly AF45 Headphone Review


We were thoroughly impressed with Audiofly’s offering at CES 2012, the Brand new music company from down-under still doesn’t have a product yet on the market but we got our hands on the Audiofly AF45. So here is our review of the product. Behind the Audiofly brand is a team of hardworking musicians and audio designers, creating in-ear headphones for the passionate music lover. We started from scratch and questioned every driver, every magnet, every wire and every casing used; our goal: to create in-ear headphones that reproduce sound so accurately, they can be used when performing onstage.

The AF45 from Audio fly are a classic mid-riced in-ear headphones., its got braided cords comes with a standard or hands free version. As with all Audiofly headphones the drivers are placed at the rear end of the headphones with the perforated holes to give better audio fidelity on listening which are machined anodized alloy bezel with precision laser cut venting for acoustic optimization.  A custom voiced 10.7mm dynamic driver for superb detail across the dynamic range, Noise isolating In-Ear design, for up to 23db noise attenuation. High grade silicon tips for a customized fit, 4 sets of Silicon ear tips mold to your ears for better isolation and better sound.So how does it sound? lets talk about the hands free feature,which works well and adequate for that. Though the sound quality from the hands free doesn’t match the quality you get from listening to music. Which I should clearly state is phenomenal on all levels. The Audiofly AF45 are a tiny wonder in your ears, with crisp and clear sound, very good mids, solid bass and some very solid lows. Seriously these headphone are very, very good, at the price point at $54.99,  you are getting the same sound quality of headphone priced at over $100. I really can’t stress how good these headphones are. I can only tell you that Audiofly has hit a home run here with the Audiofly AF45. I seriously can’t wait for you guys to hear the quality from Audiofly and their products


Driver- Type11mm Dynamic Driver
Frequency Range- 18-20KHz
Cable Length- 1.2m
Plug Type- 3.5mm gold plated
Impedance- 16 Ohms
Sensitivity- 118dB at 1kHz