Audio-Technia M40x Headphone Review

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Audio Technica headphones really don’t need an introduction. They are known for their high quality in both sound and hardware capabilities. The Audio Technica M40x headphones stay true to that consensus. The M40x headphones provide a premium for a relatively low price point. Out of the box, you’re presented with the headphones, leather travel bag, and two headset cords.

The headphones themselves include a pretty awesome 90 degree swivel mechanism in order to fold and use them on the go in a more compact way. In my usage, although this feature provides a great utility, it’s somewhat of a nuisance due to the inability to lock the earpieces in place. The ear pads come with soft big leather padding and provide one of the best over the head experiences I’ve come across to date.

 The head band is extendable and comes with an aluminum finish for durability and quality. The top sector of the headband also comes with leather padding for added comfort. Sound. Sound on the M40x headphones is superb, and the level of bass afforded to the consumer without distortion of quality is also an added benefit. That’s not the only aspect of the sound to be admired as the noise cancellation these headphones provide are best in class. They passed not “hearing yourself talk” test with flying colors.

The only gripe I’ve come to find with the headset is the plastic build quality throughout. It feels a bit hollow for my taste, but that’s all it is, my taste. This is a matter of preference and is not an indictment on the overall build quality of the device.   The leather carrying case the headset comes with is made with a level of detail that gives the consumer an added feeling of value. It doesn’t seem like a hack job accessory in the least, and I must really commend Audio Technica for realizing it’s the small things that count.   The box also includes your standard studio 1.2m-3.0m and studio 3.0 coiled headphone cords.

Unfortunately, you have to use the proprietary cables with this headset in order to hear your music. But there is a cool lock feature within the port to secure them in once plugged into the device; and honestly, they provide the best quality sound output than any other alternative you may have wanted to use.   The Audio Technica M40x headphones are all about the full package. Inside, you get best in class sound of your headphones, mobile carrying case, and premium quality cords in order to maximize the overall capabilities of the headset. What’s the price for something like this? Only $99.99. That gets you one of the better headsets in the market today with the added value of the Audio Technica brand being the staple for best in class sound.