AT&T HTC One fun Review

HTC One-4 A day at Universal studio with AT&T reps -Meredith Red and others tech bloggers to play with the new HTC One, would be something anyone would jump on for a fun day in sunny California. But not so much for me, to say the least; representing Booredatwork and being new to the West Coast tech world had me a little nervous. Having previously met Meredith who generously extended an invention to a previous event before, made me feel at ease. Once we arrived all the other “techy techs” were really nice and welcoming. Then the moment of truth came when we got our hands on the new HTC One; I went right back to being timid. I was totally wrong for feeling that way; thankfully the whole West coast tech team is super cool and friendly. We discussed about features we liked about the HTC One, they also showed me a few tips & tricks of what the phone had to offer. Once I got my hands on the HTC One & spent some time playing with it; I loved it too. Being an iPhone fan, this was a great experience to have the opportunity to explore a different device that I thought would be out of my comfort level.

I found the HTC One to be very light, and thin which gives it a professional look but also a phone that can be carried when out, because it’s not as big as it looks. It is easily maneuverable with one hand for the most part, unless you are trying to reach at something on the screen that is on the other extreme, you might need both hands! The pictures came out good, just seemed a little difficult to get a bright picture in areas with dim light. Great videos were captured and the flow was constant. I really liked that you can have short cuts to access certain features (messages, camera, etc) when phone is locked! ! Overall,  I really enjoyed the phone and found it very easy to play with, and I must confess has me thinking of switching from my iPhone, plus the data speeds on AT&T has opened my eyes to high-speed connection on a smartphone and how much I have missed that . I just can’t wait to attend more of these get together with the West Coast tech family, because that is really how they treat each other, which makes the whole experience better!