AT&T Holiday Showcase

SAMSUNG CSC If you didn’t know, AT&T has much more to offer other than the latest  flagship smartphone. Yesterday AT&T held its Holiday Showcase of the latest gadgets, accessories & more, and I must say the Booredatwork crew walked away quite impressed. For starters, the illusive Kindle Fire Phone was being shown in limited quantity for demo purposes. We couldn’t record any video, however, the hands on experience was enough to give us a big enough impression on what to expect from the device. The 4.7 inch display is gorgeous and vibrant in, so the 720pHD resolution shouldn’t worry you folks in the least. The UI, albeit limited time, has some pretty nifty features that will make some consumers gravitate to the device. Amazon has something on their hands with this device.

The Nokia Lumia 635 which will be launching on the GoPhone program in a few days was also present. For a device to be priced at $99 off contract, the complaints were minimal and the satisfaction was plentiful. Windows Phone is capitalizing on the success of the Lumia 520 and evolving it even further with this device. Great addition to the AT&T line up of smart phones. The HTC Desire 610 will also be added to the same GoPhone line of device come July 25th; being priced at a rather expensive $199 for BoomSound and HTC Sense

AT&T also showcased their vast array of accessories from portable Bluetooth speakers, to the whole gambit of smartwatches (Lg G Watch, Gear Live, Gear 2 Neo), to portable charges, as well as vast array of speakers & headphones– Beats pills, Braven speakers. We also got to a digital peak at the AT&T digital home security as well as some Automotive initiatives from the company

All in all, At&t showcased some very interesting devices & technologies geared for the Holiday season. They seemed poised to create extra value for the consumer at  a fair price point, and if you know AT&tT this is the best news any current or prospective customer could hear coming down the road.