AT&T announces First-of-its-kind all access unscripted Social media Series

12summerbreak_beachfire-04847 (2) AT&T as a company has been doing a lot over the past couple of year to bring a sense of entertainment and service, to their consumer. Last year the company delved into the entertainment category with a creative YouTube miniseries in called Daybreak. This year AT&T is bringing a first-of-its-kind, unscripted mobile series to social media. Beginning June 17, audiences are invited to experience a life-changing summer through the eyes of a group of dynamic, passionate LA kids who will share their real-life problems, hopes and dreams in real time on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

The @SummerBreak Twitter handle will be the hub of the show. There are no scripts here, no TV networks. Unlike traditional series filmed months before airing,@SummerBreak will be released in real-time; immersing followers in the drama as it unfolds, offering an unprecedented connection to the characters and their stories.

@SummerBreak’s convergence of mobile technology and entertainment is just the latest example of AT&T’s ongoing commitment to deliver innovative and

“This has never been done before,” Parks said.  “@SummerBreak removes that gap between the characters and the audience, and lets these kids tell their own stories. We have no idea what’s going to happen this summer. But that’s what’s so exciting.”
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  • ·         Alex – @AyeDenn
  • ·         Clara – @clarasilverrose
  • ·         Connor – @conbrah
  • ·         Kostas – @kostas95
  • ·         Lena – @LenaAnnalisa
  • ·         Nia – @Niaiawia
  • ·         Ray-Ray – @RAYRAYisRAW
  • ·         Trevis – @trevytrevv11
  • ·         Zaq – @zaq_theman