Asus Maximus VI Gene Haswell Motherboard Unboxing & Overview

Asus Maximus VI Gene Haswell Motherboard-1 The ASUS MAXIMUS VI GENE features SupremeFX audio to rival up-to-115dB SNR discrete sound cards in power and clarity. The Sonic Radar on-screen overlay shows the location and direction of in-game sound sources for greater success in competitive gaming. In addition, it ships with mPCIe Combo II, giving you an alternative storage and networking option.
• ASUS Dual Intelligent Processors 4 with Four-Way Optimization
• Extreme Engine Digi+ III – Extreme Components for Great Overclocking Potential
• SupremeFX Audio – Premium Sound Now
• ROG SSD Secure Erase – Recover Lost Performance
• ROG RamDisk – Double Up Speed with RAM
• mPCIe Combo II – Has Mini PCI Express 2.0 Port on One Side Along with the M.2 Socket for Extra Connectivity
• AI Suite III – One-Stop Access to Innovative ASUS Features!
• Micro ATX for Your Small Form Factor Needs

ASUS’s exclusive Dual Intelligent Processors 4 with Four-Way Optimization integrate features that enhance the ways customers control their PC. The TPU performance-tuning chip, EPU energy consumption manager, DIGI+ Power Control, and Fan Xpert 2 can all be activated with one click to ensure real-time performance optimization, better energy efficiency, precise digital power control, and detailed case fan management for reduced noise and improved cooling. When users are away from the PC, the design intelligently shifts to Away Mode, allowing users to download and stream content, or backup data, with minimal power draw.

The unique mPCIe card attaches to the motherboard near the rear I/O. It has a mini PCI Express 2.0 Port on one side, along with the M.2 socket for extra connectivity. It gives users the best of both worlds: better connectivity and expand-ability, without the sacrifice of essential features.

Secure Erase is the best removal method: it completely overwrites all data on an SSD, recovering lost performance on systems with inefficient unused/discarded file clearance. Erasing an SSD is accomplished in BIOS; no extra in-OS app is required.

ROG RAMDisk utilizes high-speed RAM as a virtual drive to significantly speed up loading times of any game. Faster than an SSD – with no size limitation – and with an intuitive UI, it provides seamless interaction and the best performance while gaming.

With USB 3.0 Boost technology, USB transfer speeds are increased up to 1.3 times, enhancing an already impressive USB 3.0 transfer rate. ASUS software automatically accelerates data speeds for compatible USB 3.0 peripherals, without the need for any further user configuration.