Android 7.0 Nougat Review!!!

PS4 NEo (4)

Android 7.0 aka Nougat is finally here and will be hitting devices after Sept 6 is the latest version of Android with Multitasking built in. Notification reply as well as customization, Daydream VR and much more in battery management, Vulkan API . So lets see what all the fuss is about.\




New JIT compiler for faster updates, VR mode, and Vulkan API support.

Battery & data

Doze on the go for better battery management and new data saver for restricting data usage for background apps.


Split-screen mode, picture-in-picture, and double tap to quickly switch.


Bundled notifications, direct reply, and notification controls.

System usability improvements

Customizable quick settings, redesigned quick settings bar, redesigned Settings, emergency information, and lockscreen wallpaper.


Unicode 9 emoji

Privacy and security

New direct boot, seamless software updates (for new devices), file-based encryption, and scoped folder access.

Device setup and migration

More settings are no covered by Android Backup.


Multiple locales support, new languages, and new language preferences.


Accessibility settings are now part of the setup, customizable display size, accessibility mono output, and variable text to speech speed.

Android for Work

New work mode lets you turn off notifications from work apps.