Akon Being Investigated By Police


Seriously akon has being on a role lately of taking his career down the toilet.. perezhilton has more on this

Police are looking into whether or not filed charges against singer Akon after a disturbing incident at a concert this past weekend, which was captured on tape in this video.

The singer was performing at the KFEST radio concert in upstate New York when someone in the audience – a young kid – threw something at him.

Akon then had his bodyguards fetch the boy and bring him on stage. Then, in front of thousands, the Don’t Matter singer publicly humiliated the kid, lifted him up in the air by force and violently flung him into the audience.

We’re trying to identify that kid, just to find out whether or not we have any kind of criminal offense,” a law enforcement official tells the Poughkeepsie Journal.

“I would have preferred he wouldn’t have done that [to the kid],” the general manager of the radio station who put on the show tells the paper. “I don’t think he intended malice on this guy. I think it was in the spirit of the show.”

Note to all: if that’s the spirit of KFEST, don’t go next year!

Hopefully the kid will come forward and police can investigate this incident further.

Gwen Stefani should kick Akon off her tour as well!

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