ACER S7 4K Monitor Review


The Acer S2777HK 4K UHD monitor is simple awesome, what you get here for just $699 is a widescreen monitor that gives you full 4K resolution and doesn’t break the bank. Its slick design and simple set up makes it an elegant looking monitor on your desk. In terms of ports the Acer S7 comes with a full display port, mini-display port, HDMI, DVI, audio-in , headphone jack and built-in speakers. This is simple a gorgeous looking monitor and viewing content on its native resolution is fantastic. Whether its video in 4K or playing games at 4K resolution you get a solution sublime view on the Acer S277HK. The built-in speakers also give a sold audio option, that complement the monitor in every way. My only complaint is the lack of labeling of the control buttons on the monitor; but I do understand they need to keep a clean aesthetic look. If you are looking for a 4K UHD monitor, this is what you should buy; the Acer S7 delivers on every aspect and it’s priced affordable. You can pick up a unit here; but also check out the video review below.