A.M.P SP1 Bluetooth Speakers- Simple and personal portable speakers

Introducing the SP1, from Antec’s new division, a.m.p., Antec Mobile Products. You know I’m always jamming to my favorite playlist, so I had to try this out. Selling for 99.99, this well worth it.

The sp1 is Bluetooth 2.1 with Enhanced audio Rate (EDR), frequently response 2.402-2.480 GHz. The distance rate at 30ft, which seems about right when I tested it. If I separated the devices into one room and another, that’s when there was interference. It charges via usb pretty quickly, and the battery is great! It says 10 hours, and delivers! Maybe I’m just so used to short batteries on newer mobile products, but this was a relief.

It weighs .38 kg, and feels nice and compact. It comes in three colors, with contrasting color behind the speaker face: white with pink, black with red, and green with white. Most of the body of the speaker has a rubber/silicone feel, which makes it easy to carry. However, I did manage to debt the front plate which is metal, so don’t toss it around the way I did in my travels.

I must speak to the convenience and portability the sp1. The pairing with my phone took no time at all. The power button on the side blinks and then turns solid once your Bluetooth parent device is connected. I don’t leave it connected, so as to save battery on my phone, so it is very helpful that it’s easy to pair.

You can use either the volume control or pause button at the top of the sp1, or you can use the volume controls from you phone. I was using it in the kitchen, during my usual house cleaning jam session. But after downloading a radio app for the morning, I simply placed the sp1 on my dresser to listen to my morning show.

The speakerphone quality was outstanding. Paired with a phone, the calls and notifications come through loud and clear. One caller (my sis) did say that she noticed a sound quality difference depending on how close the phone was. When my phone set farther apart from the SP1, she could hear me better than when the phone was sitting right next to it.

All in all this is a great portable speaker, and it will definitely be traveling with me. I look forward to seeing what’s next in a.m.p.’s pipeline.