Zagg Origin Review: 2-in-1 Bluetooth Speaker

Zagg Origin (4) The Zagg Origin is a unqine 2-in-1 Bluetooth speaker system that has an audio kick and some style to it.  If it were just that alone, I still would recommend it as a buy. The beauty of the speaker system is that th Zagg Origin is actually two speakers in one. As you can see in the photo above or in the video review below.

Everything is powered off the smaller speaker, from the Bluetooth pairing to the song skipping. The smaller origin speaker’s sound is actually pretty good. I thought it wouldn’t have enough kick to i. but it works out very well. When docked to the larger Zagg Origin, then things start rolling, with defined bass and some solid kicking sound. I really can’t complain about the audio quality from both Zagg speakers in the Origin package. The battery life of the smaller speaker system is decent and might be my only complain at 5 hrs. but still good enough for you to take with you on the road. Overall I did enjoy using the Zagg Origin 2-in-1 speaker system and I think most people will find it to be equally appealing.


  • Two-in-one Bluetooth speaker system that provides rich, room-filling sound
  • Portable Bluetooth speaker plays studio quality sound wherever you go
  • Desktop speaker delivers a full, rich sound with dynamic range and deep bass
  • Compatible with any Bluetooth media device
  • Music transfers seamlessly from portable speaker to desktop speaker when docked
  • Desktop speaker doubles as a USB charger
  • Portable speaker charges when docked to the desktop speaker so it’s ready to go when you are

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