What’s on my iPhone 6S: Fitness & Health

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As an iPhone user, I can attest to the fact my device has become a necessity for my daily routine. Everyone has a collection of applications that they use consistently that helps cater to their daily needs. With that said, the Booredatwork team thought it would be interesting to showcase the daily applications that an iPhone user like myself uses frequently that assist in their daily lifestyle. Fair warning, I’m a gym rat folks!


I’m came across this awesome application last year and I have never looked backed since. Argus encompasses everything a current day fitness application should have; social connections, food logging, comment and like system, recording of sleep and active statistics, etc. There isn’t much that this app doesn’t do, and it does in a way that’s extremely original and efficient. The octagon home screen allows you to just scroll through all of your data you’ve inputted manually or synced. Argus allows a wide range of seamless integration with other fitness wearables such as Garmin and FitBit. The app is also updated frequently to grow with improving hardware of the iPhone 6s; 3D Touch functionality works here. All in all, the app has very few issues and has become an effective system to assist in my fitness endeavors.


ThisĀ is a fairly new app that I came across on Product Hunt. In comparison, apps like this have already existed; MyFitnessPal being one of them. My issue with the current app ecosystem with similar applications is that their user interface, although plentiful of features, is a mess user interface wise. I can’t use an app that doesn’t have a modernized/seamless design template. Now clearly this is a personal preference, but Lifesum came right along and filled that void for me. It’s a beautified food logging application that allows you to catalog everything you eat with a backlog of references in the nutritional information. The library that Lifesum has for food is ever-growing and it’s presented in a way that is efficient and sensible. Recently, the Lifesum team has added a recipe section to assist in adding various meals to your healthy eating goals. The app just works for me and I believe for a growing number of conscious health fanatics it will become the number 1 choice for keeping their food catalogued.


Very few people have heard or now about this awesome habit builder application called Today. The editor’s choice section in the Apple App Store was the first place I became acquainted with this app. Prior to downloading it, I used simple habit app that was simplistic and user-friendly, but lacking in features that gave me incentives to a achieve them.

Today is hands down one of the sexiest applications I’ve come across on IOS. Using cover photos and smooth gestures to get around the user interface is a joy in itself. My habits encompass: working out, reading, and sticking to my meal prep plan. This application is also 3D Touch compatible and allows you to “check in” your habits quickly. You can even access the habits that are due that day with 3D Touch. There’s some really intuitive uses of certain features in the app and I find myself just dabbling in it from time to time just to enjoy its experience. The cover photo feature is amazing as it adds eye candy to a persons habit that they didn’t think they needed. That’s pretty much a great way to sum up the Today application. It adds features and implementation you didn’t think you needed. The app is frequently updated and continued to become a smoother well thought daily driver to my app portfolio.


Hopefully these applications have helped in finding some gems in the ever-growing App Store of IOS. I frankly need these applications and I see them as true productivity tools to assists in anyone’s endeavors. At the time of this review all of these applications are free with an ability to “upgrade” to premium features.

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