Viral Marketing of Shows of Sentinels for X-men: Days of Future Past

x-men-DOFP-sentinel-reagan-inauguration-610x600 Looks like the marketing is well underway for X-men days of Future past. The next X-men movie coming out in 2014. This film will aim to correct all X-men timelines and set things straight- I hope.

Below are a few stills showing of Sentinels made by Trask Industries as well as some viral video ads on Trask industries.

In 1973, Trask Industries introduced the first Sentinel production model, the Mark I. Bolivar Trask’s groundbreaking research in AI, robotics and autonomous ballistic systems laid the foundation for the world’s most capable anti-mutant defense system. Since the program’s inception, we’ve continued to advance our founder’s cause through eight additional generational upgrades and enhancements.
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