Sponsored Post: Check out CNBC new Show “Money Talks”

money talks ‘This post has been sponsored by CNBC, but concerns our own opinion”

I am in Vegas at least twice a year for work. Which in my case means big conventions, casinos and gambling. I personally am not a gambler, though a few times I have tried my hand at poker or on Black Jack. But once I did, place a bet on my favorite sports team the New England Patriots, for a playoff game couple of years ago and to my dismay, the Ravens ended  that bet faster than I could work out of the casino. But what does that have to do with anything; well sports gambling is big. i its a massive industry on its own, that feels a little shady to some degree if you ask me.

The new CNBC show “Money talks” jumps knee-deep into that world, giving us a peek in to high stakes high volume gamble; much higher than my meager Patriots bet. The show revolves around a Steve Stevens, a sports handicapper of VIP Sports in Vegas, and from the trailer looks to really show the levels to which this multi-billion dollar industry of betting on games, athletics, spreads, coin tosses and more works. Or it maybe more of a show on the characters involved with the high levels of emotions that run when you win or loss  a lot of money. So I would suggest you give an episode a look, to see how money is made and lost on a whim, hunch or a bet. Check it out on Wed at 10pm est


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