Razer “Project Christine” Modular Gaming PC Eyes-on

r-razer-project-christine,5-G-417508-22 Razer is up to their old tricks again, of coming up with cool zanny ideas at CES 2014.  This year was no exception, with the announcement of Project Christine. Project Christine is a revolutionary new concept design that will change the way users view PCs. It will allow any user to build and customize his or her PC in any configuration without any prior technical knowledge – a high-powered, future-proof modular PC for everyone. Further, as new upgrades come to the market, the same PC can be easily and quickly upgraded without additional technical assistance and without the fear of incompatibility or obsolescence. ProjectChristine’s modular design allows users to easily build their PCs by allowing them to select and install modules on-the-fly, whether it’s a CPU, GPU, or memory and storage configuration, all in a liquid-cooled environment. The result is an ultimately modular, upgradable and powerfully silent computer that can run on any operating platform.