Minx Go Portable Speaker Review

Minx Go-1 The Minx Go from Cambridge audio is a portable Bluetooth Speaker that packs a punch with crystal clear sound. The Minx go has 5 Speaker Array 5 speaker array delivers every note with precision and authority: 2 Titanium tweeters ring true for exceptional crisp detail and soaring heights. While, twin 2″ woofers offer excellent stereo imaging. A rear-mounted Active Bass Radiato. The On Board DAC On board Digital to Analogue converters squeeze maximum detail from your streamed music before it’s processed into the sounds you hear


What are that means is that you have a portable speakers system that gives you some very crisp clean sound out of the box. In an easy to use setup that really requires no setup at all. The speakers are bass rich, while still giving you crisp clean sound. There isn’t much I can say negatively about the Minx Go.  What I will say at $179, the Minx Go from Cambridge Audio is a very attractive portable speaker offering


  • Loaded with an array of five premium quality speakers and the latest Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology
  • Bass Radiator delivers massive, room-filling sound from the smallest possible footprint with no distortion at higher levels
  • Boasts a battery life of up to 18 hours, twice that of some competitive products, and only takes two hours to fully charge
  • Remembers up to 8 previous phones, tablets and computers so family and friends can easily connect and enjoy their favorite music
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