Unique shaped, wireless, feature-rich headphones include Bluetooth 5.0,
40-hour battery life and high-quality sound with AptX HD

MUNICH – October 16th – Headphone maker, Lynxsonic today launches the company’s first two
pairs of wireless over-the-ear, noise-cancelling headphones. The urban styled Lynxsonic 4:33’
headphones were designed by well-known car designer, Simon Loasby, who has designed cars for
Hyundai, Volkswagen, Rolls Royce and Bentley, marking Loasby’s first entry into headphone design.
“When creating the Lynxsonic 4:33’ headphones, our goal was to offer consumers best-in-class
sound quality, with an impressive list of features and matching specs,” said Florian Windeler of
Lynxsonic. “We were adamant about creating a product with rock solid battery life, industry-leading
noise cancellation performance, both wired and wireless sharing due to the Bluetooth 5.0 chipset
and a comfortable design that mimics the jawline.”

Audio Quality
First and foremost, a pair of over-the-ear headphones should sound great with all types of music.
The 4:33’ feature a 40 mm driver for clear and punchy bass as well as the cleanest highs of a
woman’s voice, cymbal crash or piccolo flute.

To ensure the highest quality connection to the source, the 4:33’ features Qualcomm® aptX™, aptX
HD to preserve the original audio source at the highest level while offering listeners better-than-CD
quality with 24-bit music over its Bluetooth connection. It also features aptX low-latency which
ensures audio and video sources remain in sync so that speech coming from the headphones
matches what users are seeing on the actors’ lips. The 4:33’ can decode music stored in the AAC
format, offering a better quality listening experience at the same bitrate of a similar MP3.

Active Noise-Cancellation
The 4:33’ will also feature an impressive noise-cancellation function above 36db, making them ideal
for air travel, or a daily commute on the bus or subway. Rather than force a user to remove the
headphones while interacting with someone else, pressing the FreeTalk button on the earcup not
only lowers the volume of the music playing, but amplifies what is going on in the outside
environment with incredibly clear sound.

Battery Life
As a frequent global traveler, one of the biggest frustrations with other headphone models Simon
Loasby experienced was poor battery performance. While some headphone models advertise 30+
hours of battery life, but once noise cancellation and/or Bluetooth is turned on, this number dropped
significantly. The Lynxsonic 4:33’ were designed for use with over 40 hours of battery life, with both
noise-cancellation and Bluetooth turned on while listening at 80% max volume, making them ideal
for long commutes or simply using them for the entire week, without the need to charge them.

Lynxsonic has added touch control to the right earcup, allowing users to simply swipe horizontally to
control the track and vertically to control the volume, allowing a mobile device to remain in a user’s
pocket. Tapping the earcup face will also play/pause the music while using a compatible iOS and
Android device as well as answer an incoming phone call as well as hang up when finished.

Comfort and Convenience
Whether being used for long cross-country or trans-Atlantic flights, the Lynxsonic 4:33’ were
designed to be comfortable to wear and easy to pack in a bag. With their high-quality, leather-
wrapped memory foam ear cups, these headphones will remain comfortable to wear for the duration
of the trip. Their oblong shape also works with the natural shape of the human ear to prevent
pressure and discomfort.
Additionally, the headphones will ship with a semi-rigid case to protect them during travel. With a
swiveling and folding design, these will easily fit in a backpack or the front compartment of a
Wireless Charging Upgrade
Launching on Kickstarter (, there will be two headphone
models offered to potential backers; one with wireless charging and a second without it. This
enhanced version will add wireless charging through the use of any Qi charger, however each pair
will come standard with a wireless charging pad.
Kickstarter Launch
During the 30-day campaign, potential backers will be able to support Lynxsonic and receive a pair
of the 4:33’ headphones at up to a 36% savings. Once the campaign is completed, the headphones
will retail for $249.00 for the standard charging model and $299.00 for the wireless charging model.
The 4:33’ will be offered during the campaign at $169.00 / $199.00 (standard / deluxe) for the first
500 units each, before increasing to $189.00 and $219.00 (respectively), for the remainder of the
campaign. Additional tiers will be offered that feature rewards for multiple pairs as well.
“Our team is comprised of a number of individuals that are highly experienced in the design and
production of consumer electronic goods, specifically, headphones,” noted Charles Lau, co-founder
of Lynxsonic. “Unlike many other campaigns, we don’t need to source tooling or find a factory since
we already own a factory in Shenzhen, China which produces more than 30,000 total pairs of
headphones each month across a number of brands.”

Once the campaign is completed, production will start immediately and products are slated to be
shipped to warehouses in each market before being delivered to customers within 30 to 45 days of
the campaign close.
For additional assistance, members of the media may contact PR representative, Adam Weissman
for questions or to arrange a conversation with the company founders. Adam can be reached at or at (917) 693-3298.
About Lynxsonic
Lynxsonic is a new brand focused on creating high-quality, feature-rich audio products while offering
them at a value to consumers. Based in Munich Germany and Hong Kong, Lynxsonic combines the
experience of industry veterans with world-class designers. The company will launch its first product,
the 4:33’ noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones on Kickstarter in October.
For more information on Lynxsonic, follow the brand on Instagram, Facebook or on the web at: