Logitech G19s Review: Small steps, Big impact

Logitech G19s Gaming Keyboard-1 With the G19s, Logitech reminds its competitors why is and has been a dominant presence in the PC gaming accessories market. While not changing much of what consumers have come to expect from its gaming line of keyboards, think G510, it provided some added features which really ratchets up the functionality of the keyboard.
I can’t stress enough how good a decision Logitech made by not reinventing the wheel here. Much of what was offered on the G510 is evident on this keyboard, however, small but significant additions have been made to improve the overall feature set.
the palm rest is noticeable more comfortable, while not soft to the touch, the somewhat rubberized coating provides a cushioned effect.

The addition of a directional pad for navigating through the extensive number of widgets on the LCD screen is not only useful, but when coupled with the back and menu keys, makes the Screen itself more usable. The biggest and most notable change to this device is the inclusion of the color LCD display, a display capable of playing videos. This might prove to be the game changing feature for Logitech. While prior models included a small LCD screen which served up data such as your current CPU core usage, timers, etc. The ability to play video literally gives you a second screen on your keyboard. I can imagine MMO gamers making good use of this during boss fights.

Overall this device is one to covet, if you are a gamer and want the best of the best in gaming accessories. However, keep in mind that this keyboard like its predecessor does not include a dedicated headphone and mic jack, instead it opts for 2 USB pots to connect additional accessories. And while the LCD screen is a big selling point, it does require you to connect power brick in order for it to function. Additionally the price range of 199.99 might be a barrier to some. These small negatives does little to dampen the overall appeal of this keyboard.

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