LG G Flex Review (AT&T)

LG G Flex -10 The LG G Flex is the latest innovative smartphone from LG. It packs all the set industry high-end smartphone specs, but what set it apart are its curved P-OLED display (720p) which is flexible as well as its 3,400mAh battery. The LG G Flex also features QuickTheater™, which lets you quickly access photos, videos and YouTube from the lock screen with a simple dragging gesture. In addition, Dual Window splits the 6-inch screen into two separate applications. You can drag and drop information, such as articles and links between windows for easier multi-tasking. The G Flex is available through  and priced at $299.99 with a two-year agreement. Plus the G Flex is powered by the Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of ram and 32GB of internal storage, no MicroSD.

The LG G Flex, is a very interesting device, for starters you may think, well why would I need a curved display on my smartphone. Yeah I thought so to until i got the G Flex in my hands, then I started to realizes some of the benefits. First of it fits the contours of your face and hand, the device is flexible; which aids if you drop it or accidental sit on it;it’s not going to break. The curved display delivers a better experience in watching videos and playing games. Its got excellent battery life and a better UI overlay than previous LG devices. I really like the LG G Flex and I would definitely recommend it as a buy on the AT&T network


  • 6-inch Flex display great for viewing
  • Great battery life
  • Solid Durability and flexibility
  • Great for mobile gaming
  • Solid audio
  • (Screen resolution needs to be 1080p)
  • (running Android 4.2.2 not 4.4.2)
  • (No OIS in 13MP camera)

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