LG EG9600 Curved 4K OLED Review: The Best TV of 2015

LG EG9600

When it comes to HDTV or 4K TV sets, LG has come a long way in pushing the envelop and bringing strong innovations to the industry. Last year we got our first taste of a large screened OLED TV from LG & we were hooked. The EC9300 set the standard, so it’s no surprise the EG9600 (4K OLED TV) pushes those standards to the next level.

First off this TV set is unbelievably thin. Thinner than my Galaxy S6 at its thinnest point, making for a featherweight TV set even at 65″. Being a curved TV set is a plus for me. With better viewing angles for a complete cinematic experience.  When it comes to picture quality,  the true black are second to none, vivid color display and absolutely true black representation. You really have to check this out to see it to believe it.  Lets start by checking out the video review below.

Video Review


4K Gaming Video

Gaming is another is another important aspect of having a TV, be it gaming on your Xbox one, PS4 or even PC; the LG EG9600 takes things to the next level by making the colors pop and highlighting aspects and textures in both 1080p & 4K


1080p Gaming Video


Viewing Party Reaction

We also got some external reaction to the EG9600 at a viewing party we held for the Manny v Floyd fight in 2015. Take a look at the reactions to LG’s latest 4K Curved OLED TV set

Overall the LG EG9600 is a great piece of hardware combined with a smooth and sublime software component with WebOS 2.0 that makes viewing content from apps to TV a seamless and enjoyable experience. The EG9600 with it’s pure black display and Web OS 2.0 software implement has changed the way TV will be viewed and one that sparks a bright future.