Xfinity Night – Introducing XFi

It is always a pleasure getting together with the Xfinity team, so last week was no exception. Comcast New England team hosted an Xfinity Home event at Watermark Apartment in the Seaport District. Attendees had the chance to experience one of the new luxury apartments fully smart home connected with Xfinity Home. The hot topic of the night was the launch of their xFi experience. Imagine your WiFi connection, but more control for you and your family.
XFi is their personalized digital dashboard to set up and monitor your home WiFi network, at no additional cost to you. All you need first is either the new xFI wireless Gateway or Advanced Gateway that you can upgrade to free of charge. Once this is in place, your setup is straight forward. Then via the mobile app (iOS and Android), website, or from you X1 voice remote, you have your Wi-Fi at your fingertips. There can be a different profiles per person and monitor the use. Parents can easily set parental controls, and set shutdown schedules during specific times such as during meals and bedtime. For those of us techies, you can monitor and give nicknames to different devices, view and modify passwords, troubleshoot devices not working properly, and receive text alerts when new devices join your network. Further down the line they will launch the Plume devices, which are adorable extenders for those WiFi problem spots in your home.
This is why I am a long standing Xfinity customer. When you reach the point where quality over quantity matters, the continued addition of new programs and advancements keeps reinforcing why I stay with Xfinity. Given my use, I can’t wait to set mine up and see how many devices I really use all at once.