Xbox One March update Impressions: PSA!!!

WP_20140306_03_03_10_Pro The March update for the Xbox One is here and it bring some much needed system improvements, from a controller update for TitanFall and use of the Stereo Headset. To Changes to the friends and party app, as well as other improvements across the board. The update is automatic, so once you turn on your Xbox One. Your system should start updating. If you haven’t received the update. turn off your system unplug then re-plug and power up your system and the update should begin. the update takes about 15 mins max depending on connection. Check out the video below for a full breakdown of the update.

 General changes

  • Option to disable Kinect hand gestures while watching a video
  • Kinect gesture and voice command tutorials are in the Kinect settings menu
  • Ability to choose the value by which volume increases or decreases when using the “Xbox, Volume Up” or Xbox, Volume Down” voice commands
  • –Settings > TV > Troubleshooting > Audio > Volume change
  • Optical audio is now supported
  • NOTE – Some users are currently experiencing issues with this feature
  • “Resume Games Quickly” is no longer in Beta, the Beta label in settings has been removed

Party App

  • Ability to see what games/apps your party members are using if they are not in the same game as you
  • “Turn Party Chat On” is turned on by default
  • Option to send someone a Party invite, Game invite, or Party & Game invite
  • Option to invite Party to Game

Friends App

  • On the Dashboard, the Friends App will cycle through the number of friends, favorites, and broadcasters who are currently online
  • Friends are listed by whoever is currently online
  • People who are listed as Favorites will show up first and will have a star on the top right side of their gamerpic
  • An icon in the upper corner of someone’s name within your followers list will show you if you are following them back yet or not. If the icon appears then you are following them back
  • Ability to see Recent Players
  • Find Someone is on the top level page
  • New Menu button options
  • –Send message
  • –Invite to Party
  • –Compare games
  • –Find someone
  • –People I’ve blocked
  • New Profile page options allow you to send game and party invites


  • Twitch streaming via an Xbox One will be enabled in this update
  • The “Xbox, Broadcast” voice command will begin a Twitch streaming session
  • –NOTE – using this command during the early access period will only start the Twitch app
  • As before, you will be able to view Twitch streams that are being broadcasted from other systems i.e. PS4, PC, etc.
  • Chat is now enabled
  • –Name color and emoticons included
  • Viewers can send party invites to Broadcasters
  • –Broadcasters, in turn, can send invites to viewers in the Chat
  • Ability to broadcast a full-screen view of the game you’re playing or use an on-screen viewer indicator to keep an eye on how popular your live broadcast is
  • Ability to archive broadcasts
  • Ability to set up a notification for when a Favorite begins a broadcast
  • Earn unique Media Achievements
  • Xbox LIVE policy moderators will be keeping an eye out for abuse of the Twitch app and have the ability to temporarily or permanently ban players. They can also remove their ability to broadcast over Twitch, without banning them
  • Xbox One streams 1280×720, 30 fps, ~2.5 Mbps on Twitch
  • Kinect picture-in-picture can be set in any corner of the screen

Xbox One Controller Update

  • This is a firmware patch that will allow the Xbox One Headset Adapter to work with your Xbox One Controller
  • –NOTE – If you already have an Xbox One Headset Adapter, install this update so that you can use it with your compatible headset
  • A micro-USB cable is needed in order to install this update
  • To update your Xbox One Controller go to Settings > System > Update controller > Follow instructions > Connect headset adapter> Enjoy in-game audio & chat with friends and loved ones