Xbox One: Killer Instinct Review

KI  If you are like me and got an Xbox One this past weekend. I suggest you download Killer Instinct, the sequel to the N64 combo setting game. Here are a few reason why you should get this game even if you are not into fighting games. First off, its free; yes you can get Killer Instinct as a free download with one Character Jago, ( like getting Ken or Ryu in Street fighter). You can also purchase additional character individual or through a combo pack for all characters at $19.99 or the Ultra edition that gives you all the customizable out fits and little extras. So pretty much as a game it could cost you nothing or a little bit more. Now on the graphical sid eof things the game looks great with a lot of details put into the characters, which is great; although I am not a fan of Glacius’s look. IN terms of  gameplay, KI on the Xbox ONe sticks to its combo roots and it shows, with quick rewarding shoots of combos and combo breakers, sets the pace for the game. If you are KI die hard from the N64 era you will love this. If you are a new fan, you can button mash your way to mastery & victory in the game. In all Killer Instinct is one game you should definitely download for the Xbox One. More characters will be coming to the game in the coming months. Like Spinal in Jan and Fulgore in March. I just pray Microsoft doesn’t make this game to death, where I have to keep by characters to the tune of $60. All I am waiting for is TJ Combo!!!