Xbox One Initial setup & First Impressions

Xbox One Day One 2013-9 The Xbox One is Microsoft’s latest console on the market. We got ours over the weekend and had to go through a 30mins setup process before getting into all the fun of the console. Now the Xbox One includes Kinect 2.o, which is optional for you to setup, but I suggest you do. As it gives your full command of the console with voice commands. there is also the singular controller, headset & power brick. In terms of pure specs, the Xbox One  comes with a 8 core processor, 500 GB of storage, Blu- Ray player, 2 HDMI ports that lets you plug your cable box into, optical audio, gigabit Ethernet and dedicated Kinect port. There is a 500mb update one you turn the console on, which is mandator, and took abotu 15 mins to download & install. then you go through the process of setting up Kinect 2.0, signing into your gamertag and you are done. for more exact details on the setup process, check our video tutorial below.