Xbox One Forza Motorsports 5 Review: Best Looking Game

Forza5_CarReveal_Ferrari599GTO_Week3_WM Forza Motorsports 5 is a gorgeous looking game, and Microsoft has come out of the gate setting a standard on how Next Gen console games should look on any home gaming console. Forza 5 is the next in line to the popular Forza racing game series, which allows you to buy cars and race them on different tracks around the World. The game has a over 200 vehicles and 14 tracks ( which i s reduction from Forza 4’s over 500 cars and 24 tracks). I like to call Forza 5  and all yeah round game. Granted the number of cars and tracks are reduced- will expand with DLC. There are many aspects to the game, from the different leagues and race type, to multiplayer and the fun you have driving you Renault Chloe against a Ferrari 512.

But the true genius of the game besides its great look sis the drivaertar; during the career mode, you don’t race against a computer AI. But rather against other drivers avatars that take on their unique driving skills and habits. So when you get in a race and you see your buddy’s drivertar sudden take a quick left and ram into another vehicle. Well he isn’t crazy but that’s how he drives in Forza 5.  Another intuitive feature in the game is the review button, by pressing Y after getting into a crash, rear ending another vehicle or just an abysmal turn you can rewind and go back to a previous spot in the game and effectively navigate yourself out of some terrible drive. The down side is that it will cost you credits at the end of the race, the more you use it. Still its a great way to add the casual gamer into a  very indepth racing game that allows you to customize your car from the paint job to the drivetrain.  I can continue to yap about the many aspect of the game that make it a fantastic game to play and has caused my roommate to spend hours on end playing the game with letting me get my hands on it. Simply put Forza motosports 5 is a fantastic game and the best Launch game I have played. I would recommend it to a causal gamer or the most hardcore of racers, it is definite buy for the Xbox One. For more, check out our Video review below on the very lovely game.

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