Xbox One Fighter Within: A fun but flawed Motion based Fighting game

SnapShot(1) The Xbox One kinect 2.0 brings additional functionality to the gaming experience that was not afforded with the original Xbox 360 Kinect. Ubisoft’s Fighter Within takes full advantage of that fact, with a 1v1 fighting game that pits your natural ability to punch and kick into a gaming scenario. Figther Within is a game that has its ups & downs and its shows, for starters, the game does give you a true 1v1 representation of punches and kick. Which is exhilarating to see and experience; to activate special moves, a combination of hand signals and postures are use to generate the effect. Which work well enough within the game, and jump into a cut scene sequence when the move is excited. Which gives you some respite from all the kicking and punching you will be doing.

The down side to this is the lag response after the special move is carried out; the game does take a second or two to revert back to 1v1 punching and kicking. Which takes you out of the gameplay fun. To be honest the game could have used more polish before release, but I will say that it is a fun party fighter, giving everyone in the home and opportunity to lay a beating on someone else. Fighter Within won’t set an records or initial change many peoples mindset for Kinect gameplay, but it does lay the ground work from improving the fighter genre with many more possibilities tat opens that market to a whole new audience. Overall Fighter Within is a fun game, that makes you sweat, give friends a virtual beating and adds value to local multiplayer.