Woman arrested for Possession of 4 Truck loads of Magic Mushrooms




Alachua County, Florida (The Weekly Vice) – Keila Smith, a 44-year-old Florida woman was jailed Wednesday after police raided her home and seized four truck loads of Psilocybin mushrooms.
And no, that wasn’t a typo. Four truckloads.
According to the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office, deputies raided Smith’s home Wednesday night and discovered a highly elaborate and well organized mushroom growing operation.
Investigators say the operation was so maticulous, the chairs, floor and tables in the kitchen were covered with plastic. Stainless steel shelving units contained hundreds of containers that were used to produce and store the product.

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“There are multiple Rubber Maid containers full of small glass dishes with mushrooms growing in them,” said Sheriff’s Office spokesman, Sgt. Todd Kelly. “There are at least 1,000 of these containers. It took them four full-sized trucks and vehicles to load all of the stuff they seized from inside her house.”
Smith, who is known in the county as “The Mushroom Lady” has reportedly been selling mushrooms since at least 2004. Police say she made enough of a living from it to buy a house and own an Infinity luxury car.
Smith was booked into jail on drug possession and possession with intent to sell charges, however a complete list of the charges was not yet made available.



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