Withings, leader of the connected health revolution, has redefined the connected scale sector with the global launch of Body Cardio. Using Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) measurements, previously unseen in home scales, Body Cardio is the most comprehensive scale on the market.

Body Cardio is the fourth generation scale from Withings, which first debuted the connected scale
in 2009. Within seconds of stepping on the Body Cardio, users can see a holistic view of their health
with accurate measures of weight, BMI, body composition (fat, muscle, water & bone mass), standing heart rate and the highly insightful PWV – a measurement that is a key indicator of cardiac health and associated with hypertension and risks of cardiovascular incidents. Beginning today, it is available exclusively at Apple Stores worldwide and Withings.com priced at $179.95.

Introducing Pulse Wave Velocity to the Daily Routine
Cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of death worldwide – yet 90 percent are preventable. Since 2013, the Withings Smart Body Analyzer has provided consumers with data on their standing heart rate and fat mass. With the release of Body Cardio, users now have an incredible tool to get a daily snapshot of cardiovascular health and take action. Widely recognized by the medical community as the best standalone assessments of cardiac health,

PWV is defined as the speed at which heartbeat-generated vibrations spread out along the arterial
wall, high PWV indicates stiff arteries or high blood pressure. PWV analyses are traditionally conducted in clinical environments and generally reserved for those diagnosed with high blood pressure or other chronic diseases. For the first time, Body Cardio brings this capability to the home scale, computing PWV based on the user’s age and time it takes for blood to flow from the aorta in the heart to the vessels in the feet. Body Cardio, along with its app, Health Mate, provides the user with the evolution of its PWV (m/s) over time and with an indication of whether their PWV is normal, optimal or at risk.

Full body composition analysis
Like the Withings scales that have come before, Body Cardio is packed with features to help people
achieve their weight loss and maintenance goals. In addition to weight and BMI readings, Body Cardio expands on its predecessor’s body fat indictor to provide full body composition analysis. Using a scientific technique called biometrical impedance, it computes the body’s percentage of fat, muscle, water and bone mass – important information for general users as well as those tracking weight as part of athletic performance.

Designed for Life
Staying true to Withings’ heritage of developing sleek, smart devices, Body Cardio is only 0.7 inches
thin with a flat aluminum base, footless design and heat-tempered glass. Created for a seamless weighing experience, Body Cardio provides accuracy and stability on any surface – whether it be wood floors, tile or carpet. Body Cardio is also with you for the long haul — the built-in rechargeable
battery lasts up to one year between charges.

Personal Health Coaching
Body Cardio also contains a number of features to encourage everyday use, a proven strategy to
improve weight loss. These include graphs showing the user’s weight trends over time, their step
count from the previous day, and even the morning’s weather report so they can choose an outfit
for the day.

Body Cardio connects to the free, award-winning Withings Health Mate iOS and Android app and
automatically syncs data after every use of the scale. The data helps users visualize trends over
time and note how their weight impacts overall health. Within weeks, users can see how a healthy
lifestyle impacts their PWV.

With Health Mate’s in-app coaching, users can discover new ways to improve their wellbeing and
heart health. They can set goals, earn rewards over time and even celebrate health milestones. Health Mate also offers integration with over 150 partner apps to provide nutrition tracking, GPS run tracking and more to round out the user’s wellness experience. All Body Cardio data stored in the Health Mate app seamlessly integrates with the Apple Health app.

“Body Cardio is the most advanced device we have ever made. Body Cardio redefines how people
use connected scales, providing them with a tool to manage their weight as well as heart health. It is
like getting information from your annual physical every day,” said Cedric Hutchings, CEO of

Body Cardio is currently available exclusively at Apple stores and Withings.com for $179.95. It will
launch at additional retailers throughout the summer of 2016. Body Cardio is part of the revamped
range of Withings smart scales, along with the newly available Body, which delivers the most
accurate assessment of weight and body composition at one of the most affordable prices of
$129.95. Body is available now at a variety of retailers.

About Withings
Withings leads the connected-health revolution by inventing beautiful, smart products and services
that help people become happier and healthier. Founded by visionary innovators Cédric Hutchings
and Eric Carreel in 2009, Withings is committed to creating enjoyable, empowering experiences
that easily fit into our daily lives.

Withings has built a range of award-winning products across the health spectrum including activity
trackers (Withings Pulse and Activité), the Wi-Fi scale and health station (Body Cardio), the
Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor, the security camera with air quality sensors (Withings Home)
and an advanced sleep system (Withings Aura). Every piece of collected data comes to life in the
Withings applications where users can find coaching, motivation and insights to shape key aspects
of their health.

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