Windows 8 Consumer Preview Walkthrough Review- Have you seen the future

win 8

Have you seen the future.

Today the biggest operating system vendor in the world, Microsoft released the preview of its most ambitious operating system to date. Windows 8 had its debut to the consumer space today, with mixed review. Across the blogosphere the one repeated theme is, great execution on tablets / mobile, not so great on Desktops.
Regardless of the varied opinions online it is still very clear that the next frontier of technology innovation is the synchronization of the user experience across multiple platforms.

Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows platforms have taken the approach of porting their desktop operating systems onto the mobile space. Google on the other hand has taken the reverse logic. Porting what is essentially a grown up version of their android OS onto the desktop / laptop space.
Unlike Apple and Microsoft, Google has taken it a step further and changed its privacy settings to better support the reality of a multi-platform existence.

However, these big names should look to Amazon for how to do it right. Across all mobile devices which I currently own, I can pick up any one of them and lunch my Kindle app and guess what, I can continue reading a book which I started reading on Amazon’s own kindle e-reader, read next on my iPad, then on my android device and finish on my desktop. A single content across varied platforms is the Future.

What Microsoft is attempting to do with its Windows 8 system, is similar to what Apple and Google are currently striving towards, a multiplatform operating system that keeps users in their respective ecosystems. Regardless of who wins that specific endeavor, they still fall short of the achievement of Amazon, who has now added its Kindle Fire into the mix, creating a venue for multimedia consumption. How long will it be until Amazon’s VOD, Amazon’s MP3 becomes like the Kindle app.

In the world of platform unification, when the dust settles, the content creators and providers will be the gatekeepers and the consumers will be the true winners.
Welcome to the future.


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  1. catherinewhite Avatar

    You’re so right that a single platform, from which we can navigate our content, is the way of the future. I’m a mac user, therefore all my technology is synced. However, my grand daughter has a PC lap top, which is a school item, as well her grand father is a PC user. For this reason, our household can navigate easily, however as a former PC user, I wouldn’t switch back now. All my hardware, software, and apps etcetera all sing the same song.

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