Windows 10 Anniversary Update Review

win 10

Windows 10 Anniversary update will be hitting on Aug 2. Microsoft’s Big day and below you will find our review of this big update and how it espeicalyaffects Surface Pro, Tablet & 2-in-1 users. With the addition of Window sink, New Security Measures & improved Cortana

Windows Ink

Make sit quick and easy to take note, sketch or take a screenshot all by clicking on your pen to bring up the Windows Ink workspace

Sticky Notes gets an upgrade with Cortana enabled features to set reminders that allow for flow across your devices.

Windows Ink also works with numerous Microsoft and third party apps to provide for an even flow of creativity


Windows Hello works within applications for easier sign in features, you no have to use your password to sign into apps like, Dropbox, iHeartradio and more. Plus you can make store purchases using windows hello

Windows defender got some much need improvements with schedule periodic quick scans as well as new notification and summaries


Can now schedule reminders for you that will appear on all your devices, . You can also add photos to reminders as well

Cortana now works above your lock screen. you no longer have to open you device to use Cortana.

Cortana also sync your notifications from your smartphone to your PC. So you can respond to text messages without needing to find your smartphone.

There many other updates to Windows 10 Anniversary that make the OS more versatile.  Findout more in the video review below