Wicked audio chill Headphone Review: Good for its price

WP_20140129_14_32_00_Pro Having spent a few days with the Wicked Audio Chill ($18.99 retail; $20 with call pickup feature) I found them to be entry-level headphones with a sound to compete with the big boys.  While they may take some time to adjust to them, and find your comfort with them, the sound eclipses all other headphones on the market within this price range.  With true lows, clear highs and rich mids, these make for the perfect accessory gift for the teen on your list.

While the construction and materials might be on the side of an entry-level headphone, you get the most bang for you buck on the sound side.  With a sound that easily exceeds that of headphones that are 2 and a half times the price of the chill, you get the robust sound you want on the most modest of budgets.

With a variety of colors and styles, these are the perfect gift for the tween or teen in your life – essentially making you the cool cousin/aunt/uncle for the next 6 months., without blowing up your bank for the more expensive audio wear.  The biggest issue you face is – which color do you get for that special someone?