Why the iPhone X is Dead!!!

Now I know some of you will be complaining out there and saying Android lover, Apple hater. It doesn’t matter. To me the iPhone 10 is dead. I’ve stopped using this device. I’ll use it from time to time for different videos that I have to do for you guys, but it’s not something that I consider a daily driver. And why? Well, couple of reasons. One of those big reasons is the iPhone 8 Plus. You know, Apple in its own ecosystem has a device that compares similarly to the iPhone 10 sans a few nice upgraded features, but in terms of raw power, performance and better battery life, the iPhone 8 Plus really does handle quite well.

I think that’s a very big problem, which I’ve said before in previous videos, that looking at the iPhone 8 Plus it’s kind of hard to go buy an iPhone 10. A lot of people would tell you yeah, you know, it’s only an extra $5 a month or whatever. No, it doesn’t matter. It’s a matter of what does it do, and why am I getting this device.

Now the iPhone 10 is gorgeous. It’s got a lovely display, it’s a really good looking device. It’s got some really nice features as well, but to tell you the truth though, all those features don’t apply to anything special with this device, and that, I think, is a problem with the iPhone 10.

So you’ve got that display,It looks gorgeous, but it’s still not a 2K display. It’s like, you know almost there, and yeah, watching content on that is pretty nice, and then you’ve got the unibrow. It’s got facial unlock, which is super cool, works out pretty well, you can’t really falsify it unless you’ve got a twin. But I can still use my fingerprint much faster. I don’t have to pick it up and do it.

Those kind of things play a role to why this device just didn’t work for me. Then you also have the fact that with this device again you’ve got those gesture controls. Yes, I can use them. I can handle them well, but having the home button just works quite easily again.

When you look at the things Apple has made changes and added to the iPhone X, that really doesn’t make sense to me and you know, and also putting it at a price point of $1,000.00, that puts that whole economic mathematical situation of why should I buy this.

Now some of you say well, the Galaxy Note 8 was almost the same price. Well, the Galaxy Note 8 is a specialty device that has the S pen. What makes the iPhone 10 specialty? Well, you could say the front facing camera, but it’s not that great compared to the Pixel 2. The rear camera is really good, but the Pixel 2 is a better camera anyway with that too as well.

So there’s not a lot there to say okay, this is better. Or even comparing it to the iPhone 8 Plus, that camera just compares as well to the iPhone 10. So you’re looking at something and saying well, Apple, why am I paying for it? I’m paying for the screen. And that’s the thing I’m going, you know, to me that’s a standard in the industry and Apple is now following the standard because the screen itself is still not even 2K. So for me, that’s just a big no. And I just can’t use the device for those kind of reasons there.


So for me it’s that thing. And then talk about battery life, for instance. You know, this is a device that has just to me worse battery life, you know, that I would expect from the iPhone 10. The iPhone 8 Plus does really really well. So the plethora of reasons you can look at that, but also if you look at some of the industry trends, we’re hearing that Apple might reduce the forecast for sales of the iPhone 10, we’re also hearing from suppliers saying that the iPhone 10 is going to- Apple is going to slash production by half because they’re ordering half as much displays.

Those kind of things lead me to believe and say well, you know what? The iPhone 10 is on its way. I hope you call it an anniversary edition and say yeah, we know what, we just wanted to put something out there and we’re going to continue with the iPhone 9 next or 11 or whatever number they want to call it.

To me, I think this proves a point that Apple has, and this is something that some guys had said a lot of my podcast, is that Apple has a lot of devices in their ecosystem from the SC, the 6, the 6 Plus, the 6S, you’ve got the 7, 7 Plus, you know, 7S and then you’ve got the, I’m sorry, and then you’ve got the 8. I mean, that’s a lot of devices, you know, in one ecosystem for Apple, and there’s not a lot of differentiation.

When somebody’s thinking of upgrading, I would just tell you get an iPhone 8 Plus. I think it’s just much better. And I think you will be fine with that, get better battery life and it just makes more sense. The iPhone 10 is cool, but I think the device is out the window.

If you do not agree with me, let me know. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.