Why Nokia World 2011 excites me

noka worldI’ve been a Nokia user for almost as long as I’ve used mobile phones – with only three exceptions. My first ever phone was a Motorola, and when I first got a Nokia, the 3210 I believe, it was like another world of phones. Sleek, elegant, built for the user.

Nokia hasn’t changed, its built quality and elegance remains a league of its own. Nokia always has style in its products, and offer much more than competitors – FM transmitter as one example. Nokia invented today’s idea of a smartphone with the N95 and the Internet tablet with the 770, it gave us satellite navigation and mobile browsing, and the best camera on a phone ever. It’s an understatement to call Nokia a pioneering company, but it’s the only word sufficient.

Windows Phone 7 is to software what Nokia is to hardware: succinct, to the point, elegant and user-based. It’s simplicity to a tee while packing more features than others, and that’s what we like to see. I can’t wait to see what this technology giant, the one we owe smartphones and tablets to, is going to pull out of the bag this year.