why I should care about my mobile processor!!!

Mobile processor We live a in world of mobile devices, from Smartphones, tablets to even smartwatches. Today, every device has a level of smarts to it,  and we as users require more out of our devices for daily use, from better cameras, fast data speeds to, better battery life, and more connectivity. The interesting thing about  the constant evolution of smart technology in our daily lives, is that the catalyst for this evolution is probably the most overlooked aspect of the device by the average consumer. I am talking about the processor. Yes, the average consumer doesn’t know what chip powers their device or how it works. All they want to know is if it’s faster, better and stronger.

The mobile processor; yes I know it’s not a sexy term or proposition to think of as a consumer, but hear me out, makes or brakes your smart devices performance quality. Before the smartphone arrived in full gear, our main device for computing was the PC or laptop. Even in that space we pushed and pushed for better performance and features to a point that got us to a realization that certain processors in our laptops where capable of giving us the performance we needed and other processors were not. That can be said right now for smartphones, with varying aspects of devices reaching maturity points that have only become possible with the advancement of the mobile processor. For instance a few years ago, 3 to be somewhat exact, smartphone cameras were considered a gimmick or side-note, with poor image quality and low video yields.  Back then, you had to carry around a point and shoot camera to get that stellar picture. Now that has all changed,to the point of having smartphones with cameras that range from 8MP capture to 41MP. All due in-part to the processor within, or frankly put, the snapdragon arm chip from Qualcomm. You have probably seen a few ads with the flying dragon that eventually jumps into the smartphone. I won’t bore you with details of their rise to importance, but I will tell you more of their relevance and why the name snapdragon will be more and more prevalent in your daily lives.

So why is the snapdragon processor important and why should I care? First off, Qualcomm chips are in over 50% of the smartphones and tablets on the market currently. Meaning you are probably using a snapdragon chip right now in many of your mobile devices

Nokia Lumia 1020-13

and enjoying the benefits.  Also, a lot of the key features in today’s smartphones that we enjoy and most consumers look for, like better camera, faster data connection {LTE}, and better battery life; are features which the snapdragon chip has championed and are standard features for smartphones today. In fact, one of the biggest users of snapdragon processors is Samsung; even though they also make their own mobile chips; it is telling to see that Samsung heavily relies on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor. Qualcomm has continually brought loads of improvements & features with each generation of their chips. From improved multitasking, and better  LTE performance, to better battery life on smartphones, as well as better cameras. These are all real world benefits that are important to me as well as most users, and are made possible with the new snapdragon 800 processor. I suggest you remember the name snapdragon 800, cause if your smartphone doesn’t have that processor; then I suggest you  take  it back.

Qualcomm isn’t resting on their laurels just yet, as they have a new chip coming out that will be able to handle 4K video processing, dubbed the Snapdragon 805. Yes, that’s right, before most of us can afford to get a 4K TV set, we will be able to create and watch 4k videos on our smartphones, plus the company is coming out with its own smartwatch, called the Toq and I won’t be suprised to see a lot of the same innovations it pioneered in the smartphone space show up in the Toq. I know we will see more innovations from Qualcomm as we roll into 2014 as we move more and more into wearable tech. I also hope have aided you, the average consumer, in understanding why you should care about your mobile processor, because it now integral to your daily lives. Just as how Intel chips have become a gold standard for PC & desktop computing, I believe the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip is geared to take that mantle for the mobile arena.