Where Tech Lives: Logitech G933 & G633


I have been using Logitech gaming gear since I started gaming. from their desktop speakers to the awesome G930, which my little cousin now uses relentlessly. But to the minds of most gamers now, Logitech gaming audio is an afterthought behind the likes to Astro, SteelSeries & Razer.

That is about to change with the New line of G headphones that builds on the heritage and foundation laid down by the G930. the new Logitech G933 & G633 have been carefully crafted, by going back to the roots of what made the company stand out in gaming audio and sparked the sale of up to half a billion units of the G930. In creating something that isn’t just a gaming headphone but, a fantastic all around headset.

We took a peak inside to the development process by Logitech into the G933 & G633, from the materials choices to hardware refinements that give these new headset a much more slicker and comfortable look & feel. The new G-drivers as the are called by Logitech are meant to help expand the audio range for the headset; so there are no longer limited to just gaming but everything else. On the software front, Logitech is approaching things from two perspective of a gamer and an audiophile. With DTS headphone X providing some incredible sound fidelity in our demo experience that left us begging for more and a software suite in arc that should be every gamers customizing dream. We still have¬† to spend and extensive amount of time playing with the G933 & G633. but I can tell you that Logitech isn’t making a comeback. they are here to take over.