Verus Thor Series Case for the iPhone 6


Thor is one of Marvels most popular super heroes currently and with that notion in mind, Verus continued that theme of power and elegance with the Thor Series line of cases for the iPhone 6. One of the main issues plaguing the iPhone 6 is how slippery the exterior casing is. Apple chose to forgo grip ability for thinness. A decision that I’m totally okay with, but definitely come with it’s caveats. The Thor case provides an attractive profile that emphasis the ability to hold your iPhone 6 with comfort and ease.

The case takes on a dual-combo of materials to make this function possible. The mid-section of the device is made of a very cheap feeling plastic that is disguised with a pin hole like bump design that helps alleviate that fact. You won’t even think it’s made of plastic until you real take a feel of it. The top and bottom sections of the case are made out of a more premium feeling matte rubber that is also added along the sides of the case for an easier grip while holding the device.

From an aesthetic design standpoint, the Thor case gets some major cool points. Thunder E on the channel as one for the Galaxy Note Edge and it just comes off as a premium durable looking case. The price only makes this case better as the original price has dropped to only $21.99. Easy way to some it up, if you’re looking for a cool durable case that will turn heads, this is the case for you.