Verizon’s Droid Incredible Review


The Droid Incredible is the newest smartphone from the Droid line of Android phones on Verizon wireless. First thing you will note about this phone is its very slick nature. the hardware build is solid with the smooth rounded edges and uniquely designed back for excellent grip.  The Phone has very few physical buttons  and comes with a nice 8MP camera and 8GB of internal storage(expandable with MicroSD)

***Video Review***


The Droid Incredible runs Android 2.1 with HTC’s sense UI overlaid. With its 3.7″ WVGA OLED capacitive display, runs very smoothly and the integration of HTC’s sense UI is seamless and effective showing off the device well. Other than that is pretty much Android 2.1. Through a froyo update should be expected in the near future.

SDC10040 SDC10038


The 8MP camera with its dual flash take some very crisp and clear pictures, HTC on camera is used here and it is a step above the stock Android camera software. You can also shoot video with the camera. Which does produce decent video quality. Video clips from the camera are included in the video review.

*Indoor Camera Pics*

IMAG0025 IMAG0023 IMAG0024

*Outdoor Camera Pics*

IMAG0026 IMAG0027


The Verizon Droid Incredible is another very very solid Android smartphone offerings and probably the best android phone on the network. Its fast smooth and light on the hands. Solid 8Mp camera for taking pictures and decent video. But slight down side it the battery life. IN all the Droid incredible truly does live up to its name and is an Incredible device.

SDC10041 SDC10042

Droid Incredible Specs

Incredible Specs