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Verizon getting the Apple Tablet ‘iSlate” reporting that Apple has struck a deal with Verizon to have their New eumor device the iSlate on their network. This story matches past rumors from different soruces that claim verizon was getting an Apple device this year.

The hotly anticipated Apple Tablet — or the Apple Newton II — will feature a wireless chip made by Qualcomm. This discrete little fact would confirm that Apple has chosen Verizon (VZ Quote) as its telco partner, says Northeast Securities analyst Ashok Kumar.

If true, it validates what TheStreet first reported in July — that Apple and Verizon are working together to sell the new Tablet.

“This makes sense for Apple,” says Nielsen Wireless analyst Roger Entner. “It behooves them to build a relationship with a company they haven’t worked with yet,” Enter said referring to Verizon.

Having a telco partner means the price of the Verizon Tablet will be less than a Tablet purchased directly from Apple. Analysts estimate that Verizon will subsidize about $200 of the Tablet’s price and require a two-year data service plan of around $60 a month. Apple is expected to sell the Tablet for around $800 without a subsidy.

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Partial specs

  • ARM Cortex (8) processor,  licensed from Samsung
  • Samsung will be one of the suppliers of flash memory
  • Apple will enhance the video and graphic capabilities of the Cortex with the help of semiconductor company PA Semi
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