Verizon BlackBerry Z10 Review- Finally!!!

Verizon BlackBerry Z10-6 Who’s has been anxiously awaiting the Blackberry Z10 arrival? Yours truly, that’s who. How does this new operating system look to us Blackberry lovers? Even down to the lock screen, it appears more clutter free, with seemingly fewer distraction, and more minimal but commonly used notifications.I suppose many folks could expand on this thought and debate, but since Blackberry has its own operating system, it creates what seems more logical to me. When setting up multiple accounts, I only had to go to one location, and log into multiple email accounts and social media, without needing to go into the app. My setup time was a fraction of what it was on the last device I used.
The Blackberry 10 operating system is all about flow. Each task or feature you use is suppose to flow into its logical next step. Blackberry Flow incorporates swiping gestures to keep up to date with your busy mailbox, without disrupting what you are currently working on. For example , as I edit a picture, and any notification comes through, you can simply swipe upwards to peek and your notification shortcuts, but then even further to your full inbox. Part of the whole point is that you can accomplish a lot with only one hand. BB Hub helps you separate work from personal, instead of carrying two devices.
Regarding the Blackberry Bridge to the Playbook, it isn’t much use yet, as the Playbook hasn’t received it’s update. I will be looking forward to updating you when that comes through. Hopefully it will maintain the Bridge text and data  (which would be FABULOUS now that there is an LTE device)
My resulting view is that the Blackberry 10 and Z10 are perfect for someone who needs to multitask, but is not reliant on outside apps. Who are you and what do you want from your smartphone? I love my Skype and Instagram, but would I miss it? I have Skype on how many other devices, and Ultimately I still have my desktop for those. Although I want to be up to speed when/if they become available, but I would gladly give those up in trade for less clutter when trying to get to my day to day tasks.